3 Tips on How to Perfect Your Swing

Looking for ways on how you can improve your swing? Every great golfer understands that the power of a great swing comes from the body and not from the arms itself. However, not every golfer understands the basic technique and what actually goes into a successful swing. In this guide, we’re narrowed down some of the best tips from the experts.

Here are 3 tips on how to perfect your swing.

Set the foundation

Amateurs often have an issue with hitting crisp shots due to major flaws in their foundation. Always start with your solid foundation. Set up with your feet shoulder-width apart and head over the ball. Keep your chest slightly open to allow your shoulders align to the left of the line of the target. This position will set you up for a power shot and build up strength in your swing. The goal is to get the left thumb to point to the right shoulder and help you achieve proper wrist power and eliminate the need to swing the arms too high.

Follow the Classic Backswing

Use the classic takeaway by moving the hands, club, and arms back at the same time. As a whole movement, use it as a force to reduce error and increase power rather than speed. The accuracy of the movement will cause a breakdown in posture and eliminate the need to swing your arms far too high.

Create the Right Angle

Prepare your top swing by keeping your left shoulder and arm at a 45-degree angle. This will create the right distinct angle that will give you more advantage and power as you swing.

Through practice, you will begin to discover your ideal movement and tempo. Follow these tips on how you can perfect your swing and focus on repeating the same movement with a balanced finish. The more you practice your swing, the more you will improve your tempo and timing.

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