4 Ways to Win at Golf Before You Even Start

Playing your first round of golf can be a terrifying experience. While you might have spent hours, months, or even years playing on your own, getting on the course is an entirely different story. In this guide, we will discuss some of the best ways to help you build confidence and make your first attempt stress-free.

Here are 4 ways to win at gold before you even start.

Use the Right Equipment

Starting with the right equipment is the best way to prepare you for the game. Choose to play by the rules by limiting your bag to 14 clubs. While there is no minimum, trying to borrow clubs may not be a good idea. The best thing you can do is to be prepared and have all the clubs you need. Make sure your golf bag also has plenty of tees and golf balls as well. You can stock up your tees and balls at your local pro shop to help you stay prepared.

Master the Drills

The best way to prepare yourself physically and mentally is to establish your go-to shot. Aim to tee it low and play your regular position. The key to making a constant swing is to make a low follow up and finish with less spin. This will help you achieve a low fade that you can’t miss.

Keep the Pace

Attempting to slow play is often an issue on the course. Be sure to stay aware of your speed as you don’t want to keep other golfers behind you waiting. Always stay prepared to play when your time comes and don’t wait until it is your turn to decide which club you want to use for the play. Use your downtime to make those decisions and stay ready for your time to play.

Finish the Shot

Great golf players understand the right fundamentals to making the shot. You will need to focus on hitting good bunker shots and make a full finish. For a full and comfortable finish, swing all the way through. This will help you feel less inclined to drive the club deep and make a shallow divot. A full finish will help you relax and avoid a sand shot.

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